Saturday 28th July Roster

Saturday 28th July Roster


Saturday 28th July Roster

Roster for Warragul Meet 28th July 2018

For winter meets the club is expected to fill all roles (including timekeeping). Please note all the profits for winter meets go to the club so whilst it’s a huge task for families our members gain the benefit. We appreciate all of your support in helping out. We have tried to ensure all timekeepers get a break but please be aware your name will appear more than once on the roster (please also check the roster for other roles too). It has taken a long time to compile this roster to ensure it is as fair as possible so if you are unable to fill your role cold you please arrange to swap with someone else. Toni will be available on the day to answer any questions and if it is your first time as a volunteer please just let someone in a Warragul top know and we will ensure you are looked after. Volunteering is fun, honestly!

We know there is a lot of timekeeping slots but please bear in mind there are others working the whole meet. Please note we may only require 2 timekeepers



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